Wyvern Lingo – Nürnberg, Club Stereo

Wyvern Lingo – Nürnberg, Club Stereo
Dienstag | 12. Februar 2019 | 19:30 Uhr

Irgendwo zwischen Folk, HipHop, Rock und einer gehörigen Prise Destiny’s Child.

Wyvern Lingo have always been friends first, band second.

Junior school alliances built to withstand the torments of puberty and teenage rites of passage – first kisses, first hangovers and trips good and bad. Dodgy gaffs and even dodgier boyfriends and girlfriends. Young hearts but witchy old souls with a private language – the wyvern lingo.

Music is the glue that helped Wyvern Lingo stick together. Originally bonding over hand-me-down albums by Thin Lizzy, Led Zeppelin, Joni Mitchell and Simon & Garfunkel; then starting their own thread of music, which stitches together a rough but resilient tapestry of influences, taking in folk, hip-hop, rock and R’N’B, all united by the spectral chill triggered by their unique vocal harmonies. Writing together, sharing their hopes and fears in verses and

Now in their twenties, they have a confidence in how they write and in what they say, be it personal experience or a comment on society. Wyvern Lingo bring their stories together on their debut album, simply called “Wyvern Lingo” . They say – “We were trying to find a title that
would capture a glimpse into our world, what better way than to self- title the album. This is us.”

The trio self-released their first EP – “The Widow Knows” in 2014, which brought them to the attention of Irish independent label Rubyworks. Extensive international touring followed with James Vincent McMorrow and fellow-Bray native Hozier, and a second EP – “Letter To Willow” , followed in 2016.

“These songs are a collection of experiences both separate and shared. Experiences that shape how we view the world, and how we’ve come to terms with the way our lives have unfolded.” – Wyvern Lingo

The album was mostly recorded in Dublin with producer James Kelly (WIFE, Zola Jesus), with additional recording in London with Neil Comber (M.I.A. / Crystal Fighters) and Cologne with
Patrice Bart-Williams (Selah Sue).