Hutkonzerte w/Cub & Wolf (SE) + Rainer Reiher

Hutkonzerte w/Cub & Wolf (SE) + Rainer Reiher
Samstag | 16. Februar 2019 | 20:00 Uhr

präsentiert von Brückenfestival Nürnberg:

Die #Hutkonzerte schlagen das nächste Kapitel auf: Cub & Wolf – skandinavischer Indiefolk aus Schweden + Rainer Reiher aus Fürth.

Der Eintritt ist frei, der Hut geht rum!

Cub & Wolf got into being more out of fun and recreation than out of labor or an idea.
Mattias Larsson had worked as a producer on the Golden Kanine album „Oh Woe!” and Linus Lindvall had contributed with some guitars and stuff on the Grant Creon debut album “Damn those things” alongside touring with each other bands. The two friends and collaborators started hanging out in the studio “A place to mourn” during the time they had off from their other projects and it turned out to be a nice way both to explore the sonic boundaries of the studio, finding new ways of producing and songwriting. After some time had passed a vast amount of songs had been recorded, during late nights and evenings.
The debut album is a selection of those songs which were written either on the same day as they were recorded or old stuff that never seemed to fit in anywhere else. The songs were arranged and produced in the process of the recording, neither of them rehearsed. Friends contributed in the process of recording these songs and as the material grew, the idea of a project, Cub & Wolf, was conceived.
Since the first record was released and a whole lot of touring the pack has grown further with three additional members. Dante from Golden Kanine joined on bass and vocals, Anton Linderoth from Club K joined on guitar and synth and now we have the excellent Wilhelm Strandberg on drums. Moving from two rehearsals to one and got an additional studio to record with ease and at a faster pace. We wrote songs on tour, at home, in the rehearsal room, in the studio, in bed and now there is an entire new album finished with a totally new approach to songwriting, recording & producing and we´re more than happy to be sharing it with you soon! Cub & Wolf are bigger, happier, louder, more miserable and more productive than ever!
Love always

Support kommt von Rainer Reiher aus Fürth, er macht weirdo-acoustic und Folk.